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Price List For Machine Quilting

Overall designs - $0.025 per sq inch. Tell me what you have in mind and I will come up with a design. It will be an additional charge for separate designs in the borders.

Custom quilting - starting at $0.035 per sq inch. Most of the quilts I do fall into this category, including quilts with applique.  It includes separate quilting in the blocks, sashings, borders, and stitch in the ditch.

Heirloom quilting - starting $0.05 and up per sq inch. This is more intensive/complicated custom quilting with stitch in the ditch, using stencils, patterns, and background filler.

Batting available (additional charge, cost depends on the dimensions of your quilt)

Dream Cotton Request

Dream Wool

Warm and Natural Cotton

Dream 80/20

Hobbs Cotton


Customers provide their own backing. It needs to be pressed and squared, as well as to be 8 inches wider and longer than the quilt top (in order to be properly attached to the long arm machine). There will be an extra $10 charge if backing is not pressed or needs to be squared before quilting.

Threads available (additional charge)

Superior So Fine!

Superior The Bottom Line

Superior King Tut

Superior Omni

Superior Magnifico

Superior Fantastico


Perma Core

How to prepare your quilt

  1. Press your quilt top and backing (there will be an additional charge for pressing backing and/or quilt top)

  2. Double-check that the backing is 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer than the quilt top (in order to be properly attached to the long arm machine)

  3. Double-check that all seams are secure

  4. Please do not put any extras (gift tags or other embellishments) on the quilt or backing until long arm quilting is done

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